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K.S.Micro-Chem Industries

K.S.Micro-Chem Group of Industries has been a Quality in the Mineral Industries. Being one of the largest and best Mineral Provider in the last 30 years, we are considered as the best supplier to exporter as well as Indian buyer.

K.S.Micro-Chem Group of Industries now has 5 three Roler mills in Gudli Ind. Area udaipur. 6 three roller Mill amet ind. Area. 2 42” pullverliser unit nit keshriyaji ind. Area kherwara our monthly production is nearly 5000 MT per monthly.

K.S.Micro-Chem Group of Industries take care of all the quality standards applicable strictly and provides the best mineral to our clients. Our Vision is to be the largest Mineral provider in the area with highest quality and client support.

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Beauty Redefind In Microns


Mining To Micronising


Aestheticism Unlimited